New Web Host

The Mera website has been moved to a new host.

For years I used TSOhost to serve my website. At the time they were a relatively cheap UK based web host, ideal for a low traffic hobby site. However, ever since they were sold to a larger company I have become increasingly dissatisfied with them. They once changed servers without informing me (I wondered why I received no email for a week), would not support LetsEncrypt certificates for the web site, and recently I found many of the emails I was sending were not being received at the other end.

I have at last decided a new web host was in order. I needed:

  • A UK based server (so I know what laws apply to my content and data).
  • LetsEncrypt certificates.
  • Relatively cheap - suited to a hobbyist site.
  • Reliable, especially for my email.

I found very few UK based web hosts for the hobbyist market. In the end I decided to choose Krystal Hosting Ltd bottom tier cPanel hosting. It is a bit more expensive than what I was using before, but they seemed to have maintained a good reputation for several years.

We shall see.